A Silicon Valley native, Bev grew up in Los Gatos, California, a town committed to the arts. Beginning at age 11, she designed award winning projects. In the late 80s, Bev entered a Christmas bus competition for Santa Clara County Transit. Her design was chosen (among entries by two universities and a college) and recognized on Channel 11 Bay Area News.

Bev’s experience includes the print industry, design firms, ad agencies, a typesetting company, trade show exhibits and corporate work. She worked on contract with IBM for eleven years before launching her own design business in early 2010 and hasn’t looked back!

I love what I do and seeing my clients benefit from my help. Every new project is an opportunity
to help my clients express what they’re all about. I’m happy to be a part of that.
– Bev Cotton

Bev Cotton Design is dedicated to achieving client success by capturing a client’s vision and bringing it to life.

I love to make people look good!  – Bev Cotton


Bev believes that questions generate great ideas. Listening and learning leads to a clear understanding of client goals, constraints, and possibilities. In a field often overwhelming and impersonal, Bev creates unique designs for a customer’s identity and demographics.


“Am I going to be overcharged? I am unfamiliar with the graphic design field.”
“I have ideas, but I need someone to come alongside me to bring these ideas to life.”
“How can I find a designer who is honest, fair, and concerned for the needs of the client?”
“I’m not sure if I can afford a professional design, but I want professional results.
Is there a way to work within my budget?”


…You just asked the right question!


Provide hi-end design at affordable rates.


Effective design produces an emotional connection. In the growing global market,
a human connection is crucial to the success of any company or individual.


Bev works collaboratively with all clients.


Bev’s goal is The “Wow!” Factor. She believes it is vitally important for customer satisfaction.